Imagine what you could write if you were not afraid!

The Storytellers Inner Circle will help you build confidence to write with purpose and conviction and to discover your brand’s voice to tell compelling stories that resonate with your audience. 

And when you see this growth, your confidence will soar.

Here is what the Mastermind includes:

  • Helpful resources to give you clarity.
  • Strategies to help you build a sustainable, revenue generating brand.
  • Support and accountability.
  • Honest feedback you can use to become a better writer.

Core Pillars of Support

Private Mastermind Community

You will be in good company with storytellers who share the same dreams and goals of telling stories that change the world.

Monthly Storytelling Masterclass

Learn, evolve and sharpen your storytelling skills while honing your craft with our carefully crafted curriculum.

Storytellers Toolkit

A customized welcome gift curated just for you to get you inspired and to get the creative juices flowing. Your toolkit is filled with writing tools and a few surprises too!

Not only do we master the art of storytelling together, but we also implement strategies to create income generating brands.

ardre orie, Founder

Wait! There’s More…

Affirmations for Storytellers

Writing can make you feel as though you are on an island. From wondering if your work is good enough to questioning if anyone will read it and even those moments when you want to start from scratch, you deserve to be encouraged. The affirmations created for Storytellers Inner Circle members speak life into your stories and your abilities and keep you motivated to win!

Wild Thoughts Writer’s Idea Notebook

No storyteller should ever be forced to forget a good idea. The Wild Thoughts Writer’s Idea Notebook was created exclusively for Storytellers Inner Circle Members and is filled with game changing strategies for writers, inspirational quotes and affirmations, coloring pages to break the monotony and endless space for creation!

Writing Excursions

Sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what you need to get your writing done. Meet Storytellers Inner Circle Founder Ardre Orie face to face for her signature Writing Excursions that boast a work and play persona. From day events to week long international writing retreats, who knew that being productive could be so much fun! Learn More

When you hold the pen, you have the power to control the narrative.

Take the Next Step…

Join your storytelling tribe.

$300 Annual Membership Fee, Special Introductory Rate of $199/year while spaces last!